Welcome to Blue Coconut Media!

Hi, my name is Alex Wilson. Welcome to Blue Coconut Media (my computer, software and mobile news blog). This blog was created out of my love for everything computer-related. My goal with this blog is to keep my audience up-to-date on the latest breaking news from around the computing world, and share with you new insights that quite possibly can’t be found anywhere else. Below, you’ll find a little background information on how this blog came to be in existence, as well as a little info about myself.

I grew up in an age where computers were just starting to become commonplace in people’s homes, phone lines were being used to connect to the internet, and the only cool thing with an “i” at the beginning of its name was an igloo.

In a sense, personal computers and me grew up and matured together. Maybe that’s why I feel such a strong connection to them.

Staying up to date on the latest trends in the computer world required a visit to your local bookstore to pick up the latest tech and electronic magazines. There were a couple of sites online at that time, but they were in their infancy and weren’t quite the powerhouses of information they would eventually grow up to be.

I became enamored with the latest advancements in the computer industry, and when the cell phone started to gain prominence in the US, my circle of interest grew to include that industry as well. And then smartphones became the next big thing, then tablets, then PC tablets and smart watches and who knows what’s next!

I noticed just how much there is to cover in the computer industry, and also how a lot the tech news sites began branching out to cover just about every tech-related niche you could think of. I think that’s great. The more tech coverage, the better off we techies are. But, I also noticed that they stopped covering computers and computer software in as much detail as they used to.

Seeing this neglect didn’t make me angry, but it inspired me to want to do something about. It inspired me to create a blog specifically for staying up-to-date on the latest computer and software trends, and to also cover the major mobile news. (I’ll save all of the app news and reviews for other sites.)

As a result of that inspiration, blue coconut media was born. It’s a blog that’s dedicated to bringing its readers the latest news on the world’s vast computer industry – from new systems being produced to new software being published to existing components being upgraded and so much more.

My goal is that in the next couple of years, this blog will be brought up in a discussion as one of the top computer-related news blogs currently on the web. I want it to not only be a vast resource of valuable information on computers, software, and mobile devices, but also as a place where people can go to continue to grow with the machines and technology that jump-started this gigantic tech boom we’re currently still in the midst of.

Computers have been around for years, and they’ll continue to be around for many years to come. I for one want to be a part of the industry’s ongoing journey, and I would love for you to join me.